Coming together

While ‘keeping calm and carrying on….’ In corona quarantine. The new story I am writing seem to be coming together, feels GREAT. it’s part two in a trilogy. So the first one was ‘loyalty for ever’ and this one is being a bit of a secret until it’s completely done and the third one is more of a dream or vision but I started it and it’s on the way. I have to say there have been times, with this manuscript, where I have almost been brought to doubt, but I have been so sure about it, although sometimes I have really wondered, but all for the stubborn pieces of me, and being so convinced that it’s meant to be, that it’s real… uhm or becoming so= say reality (it’s total science fiction), although so I have been so committed, more than ever I would say; it just feels like unreal becoming real almost. Turning the wheel. Amazing.

And that has been the most significant aspect for making it come together and work with this story, sometimes it’s been a hole, and the drive I guess sometimes or aim to drive it has been getting there = pure donkey stubborn will. I have to say it’s really been up and down and sometimes sideways. Hard work and pure labour.

So it feels great to have the lines aligning towards getting it comfortable in all aspects of the way and towards that line where it all comes together. And the lines, that brings us all back again towards a new chapter in a new book getting things squared away again. So it’s like a for ever continuously2 equation. So I do have to say; it’s only from the pure feeling, and hard work= I am feeling very happy. I recognize it now and it’s like such a boost after so much work where I sometimes been writing (or wanting to write more than actually doing so) more to the story coming after, for being so stuck until it has then turned again and coming around to me in the right ways.

So I am so, so grateful for being such a stubborn person, and for the times I have just been able to sit down and make it work and make it happen, and hopefully…. it worked out for the better.


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