In corona times we are more enjoying our own bubble. Real liquid bubbles usually, preferable served in champagne glass, but with this meaning; our own private sphere. We went out yesterday to the mail delivery pick up place, since I had bought a printer online, that turned out to be delivered with pick up rather than at home delivery. OMG. A bit of a freakout but we were fine. So we were totally equipped with face covers and gloves, showered in very warm water after been out, like I mean super precautions. And it was late night so only a few people out in the shop and we kept distance to everything. The super stress about it, being a person who is a bit of an obsessive one, like I mean total obsessive personality but that’s another chapter; this was kind of a big thing. Sometimes obsessions are good though, in this matter it might keep us well through the Corona crisis. I have also like stockpiled the whole apartment with necessities, it’s like a shop at home, and that might last us almost for ever with products needed. So we are pretty much sorted and out of the way in quarantine almost and only out when we absolutely have to.

So we are actually having a good time here in our bubble, kind of far away from it all, that we enjoy and prefer many times anyway, so with internet, tv, working with writing, expanding creative economy ideas, art, music, all forms of creativity; We are getting a lot of things done. So we are kind of happy and feeling safe with having everything we need in our own private sphere having the world out there. So being very precautious is my tip of the day, and try to see one good thing in it all. It might even work out for the better.


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