I am getting used to writing letters that I sometimes do, I mean like in an envelope real letters. We are so used to all this digitals and emails most of the time, and I love that as well, maybe a bit unpersonalized communication I think, but me being kind of superficial anyway it kind of suits my needs, but this is at another level, real letters, so I am writing kind of often but I only post just some of them. The other day I realized, well how do I do this now in Corona times, since I usually go to the hotels getting my letters printed, and with being a bit of a girl who avoid the crowds with Corona hanging around, I even realized that I might have to start to hand write real letters with real pen and paper. That’s even more of authentic maybe. So I feel kind of super about it, it’s really revealing putting myself out there a bit for somebody to actually see the real me, hopefully somebody likes it, and I even think there is a way of an analysis telling about the person who writes the way one writes, like the shape of the letters and things like that, it’s a science, and in a way somebody might get to know me even a lot more and better than I even know myself.

So that might be something to do in Corona times; make somebody that you think would appreciate it, happy with writing real letters, even getting kind of revealing sometimes.


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