Be safe

Feels a bit strange to say that we actually went out today, with face cover masks and with gloves. I can tell you people were staring. But I rather that. I think most people that saw us felt akward since it became obvious that there is a situation, and it’s more comfortable just doing things as normal. and I think that maybe they were more like OMG It’s that serious? For real. And that’s just how I feel about the situation, since it’s unseen it’s a bit strange to think about it as being real. And it feels very unreel. And people staring when we bought like a load of things obviously with facemask and gloves, it might been seen as a bit more reel to them. And then again being aware of reality might make a big differens to people so it might been a good thing being very obvious to super shop for cases of quarantine and blocked city area.

That might have caused them to think again and buy an extra pair of tins and packs of pastas just by realizing what other people do. So that might actually have helped somebody become more aware and to make good decisions being a bit more prepared for any extended situation. It would be great if so.


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