So I guess the Corona just got us waiting. Waiting for things to come our way, waiting for this, waiting for that, waiting for a lot of things to get clear. I am trying to spend my time wisely with writing and since we are avoiding crowds and people for obvious reasons, we get a long fine doing things just the way we want to. I have been super shopping, filling all the kitchen up and I am continuing to do so while there is products to shop.

I am waiting for me to be all good to go with the manuscript, absolutely love that there is enough time to sit and write when I want to. I guess what people are doing is something else than trading around in public places and I guess that there is a lot more time spent in front of computers with internet, tv, books, shows and kind of cocooning things without a need to go out and shop and meet friends. So there is how I am thinking, there is an excellent time for maybe doing those things one been longing to do for some time, getting to it and do it might be the things we do in Corona times. So research that business idea one just had time to dream about or start that art project you been longing to do, or knit a jumper or something.

The time might be just right now to make it happen.


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