What to say

I really have wondered about what to come with this Corona situation. Maybe the scooter industry and the vespas will be a great investment from people avoiding busses and tubes. Or will the shops, if things go a bit more global, have products, even if there is online delivery options. Will there be production. And how can we build safer production lines?

How great would it be with safe cities, like gated super structured bases, with quarantine gated entrances and with pod style living for everybody in the communities to be safe. I saw a program about safety buildings providing for example housing like mega structures in concrete for RVs and camper vans coming in if there is a situation, with joint restaurants and things for the citizens, it was even nuclear safe complex. I like that idea. The safety aspect is very dear to me.

So what if there would be own society structures that is up and running in case of emergencies and that people could buy in to for their convenience. So made up towns with super safety with everything you need to be comfortable during crisis. It’s very popular I heard to have like say rooms in houses and in the gardens and places like that for safety. So that would be something to think about how it could work for more people. and how we could help bringing the ideas to the tables for a good solution for many people maybe. What do I have to bring to the table? Good ideas maybe, and free spirited thinking and solutions maybe, wild range thinking maybe. I would like to be able to contribute sometimes, and I guess I am in a way with writing both for entertaining and inspiration, but more than so I am also trying to make a difference bringing up subjects that I think is important to us. What can make this world a better place? Investment wise, for me, would be great if it would work out for sure, but more importantly there is maybe a better meaning to it sometimes, and that’s what I would be grateful for, a chance to make a difference for something dear to me and maybe even helping somebody out by doing so. So it’s more to the story kind of.

Oh and by the way, it would be so good to go get nails done and fix a bit things like that superficial normal lady things having it to show, I love it, but I think I am prioritizing safety first at the moment to see where this Corona situation ll have us. It kind of suits my needs to be at home writing in PJ sometimes and I am spending a lot of time doing so at the moment to get my new manuscript done, so I guess it’s a bit of a beauty on demand coming my way after the Corona waves has squared out of the way and the script is in full equation; done and all good to go.


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