Special places

After a late night up writing I feel that the script is coming together a bit more. I had made a schedule with boxes to tick in with set dates and goals to be achieved. So I am trying to stick with the schedule just to make it happen, that’s how I am getting things done at the moment. So yesterdays goals were to tick three boxes witch I did, so that feels great. Now I am getting more inspiration to get to the new chapters and check those boxes too.

So I just have to look at my favorites tv programmes and trying to figure out the story as it comes getting inspiration.

We love to travel and have our special places around where we enjoy being regulars. One of those places is the Essex coast line in more specific Southend. We had a booking for going there just last week but obviously we are happy to get there at some other occasion when corona situation is more squared out of the way at some point. Spring there might be so nice any way. Posting pics from our last times there to attach some magnetic feel to make us coming there again. I been writing a lot when being there, it’s the perfect place for just walking at the beaches, sit and write and recharge in so many aspects. So it’s the place to be, for me anyway, when getting to that line where it all comes together and the beginning of a new book gets squared away taking off from a closed one.

So i am definitely looking forward to getting to the coast line soon again.

Southend on sea


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