Make it happen

After a lot of work with organizing and actually sitting down to write to get the story together it feels great to se things going somewhere. After having the feeling of infinity lines of letters and words lined up and trying to make it all make sense, I made the script in parts of four. So it feels great to celebrate that part one is clear in sketch that is, and part two is just around a block away. part three is coming on kind of built up from the previous so that’s on the way. And I decided to have an outro like a conclusion part where it all comes together and that part should just get squared away from the actual purpose of the whole story then. So I’d say ticking boxes might have been the trick to get this done so far, it’s great tip to tick boxes of goals to get results and the story going forward. That’s how I found it anyway with this script. But I have to say it’s been a product of pure labour sometimes. But hopefully the story aligns and sets away, it’s a light in the tunnel although it’s kind of far away to go yet.


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