With the Corona situation in town we have decided to be a bit courteous and avoid crowds a bit and that kind of suits my writing scheme very well at the moment. I did get a bit of a boost from realizing the story should be almost like half way through, and I made an excel page counting words and mapping the chapters out a bit more visualized. Great to create a bit of a magnetic aim to see it all coming together and becoming something whole. But it’s a long Way to go until then anyway. So at the moment things work better with writing a bit every day, and since I am used to work a lot, I am so happy to have the time to actually sit down and write, in the days more.

With the spring feelings just around outside I also got a bit more inspired with more stories, so I am trying to keep up the good ideas in pages sketched and organized to have it there for when getting there. But I am pushing it more of a full steam forward and totally going for it with this manuscript to be all set and clear and squared away; all ready to go at prio one ASAP.


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