I love antiques, to a certain extent that is, actually sometimes speculating in the becoming antiques more than so. So maybe what I used to love about it when I was more in to buying and selling was just that, the buying and selling, I like it. So I sometimes do good finds and I decided to clear the flat / apartment a bit by selling some of the items. It’s just general things and some are more modern, some are more designer items becoming antiques one day, but general things that’s maybe buyable for somebody else. Since I am updating the flat / apartment a bit it kind of suits my needs. And getting a bit of capital for bringing new feel into the flat is very welcome at the moment. So I bought a nice Howard sofa that I am really happy with and I am having a bit of a classical modern mix feel that I am going for. So we shall see what we may find to match.

But I have to say it’s great with the resell markets nowadays, I prefer buying furnitures like that so I can avoid having to spend like a day trying to fix the IKEA bits and pieces together, it’s a lot easier many times to buy them in private; all fixed together and for a better price, it’s perfect.


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