Being prepared

Prepping, be prepared – the meaning of having everything you need at home for your comfort and survival in severe situations where the society might be down for a while.

This was a subject I used to be very into. I even bought a camper caravan that I had in the bush far away from pretty much everything. Nowadays I am more ‘normal’ in this matter I have to say, but I have this urge to survive, and I think it’s a good thing.

So while shopping for an eventual Corona pandemic situation, with potential having to be in the apartment / flat for a while riding out the situation, I realized I should maybe write about this.

I rather shop before it happens, and have a full house when the situation has already appeared. So with the currant situation the Corona might already be out and about and around without people even knowing they have it. So instead of waiting until it’s in the news, and for everybody else to go shopping, and potential deceasing each other, I prefer to be all clear from that when the masses realize the situation.

So I want to be able to be in the house for up to two months without having to get to the shop at all. Preferably longer. Here is how I, and this is only my personal opinion without any professional input at all, want to prepare and my thoughts about doing so. So in a severe Corona situation we are avoiding people as much as we can (avoid people totally, to be specific), we have already started, they can be about two meters away, we avoid people, like busses, tubes, rush hours in the shops, and if we been out, wash hands. So avoid people. If having to meet people meet them outside since it’s safer and avoid touching them.

We are ‘safeing’ the house, making sure we have warm blankets, candles and batteries. We would need a heating sours to keep warm. And we make sure we have a lot of blankets, sleeping bags, and towels. Since IF there would be a situation, an electric situation might be longer to fix. So we want to be able to cover all ventilations and we would want to be able to insulate more with things like towels around doors and drafty places. If the situation would be severe, we can get fresh air in at night keeping a really good distance to people. We need to have a way of boiling water. And it’s a good thing to cook foods properly way through, like well done, to avoid any bacterias. Water bottled up is really good to have or in good containers. Water that’s tapped up is lasting a long time so that’s good thing to have.

Remember to prepp for the pets. If having any pets get more cat foods and sands to last for about two months or more. Toilet papers, soaps, washing gear, cleaning things. Make sure to have things to do if having to be in the flat for about two months. I also bought lots of vitamins, olive oil, sours of protein. Amongst general long lasting foods like pasta, canned tomatoes, canned fruits, beans. Vegetarians. I think with good protein, vitamin tablets and olive oil, would be pretty sorted.

Above all that stoking up with toiletries, toothpastes, basic tablets for this and that to have a good basic cover for a while.

So that’s what many people around the world are up to these days and I think it’s great to rather than freaking a bit about it, if things go a bit crazy; be rational and be prepared.


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