We were spending the day thoughtfully shopping for topping up the pantry with long lasting products. I saw pictures from the grocery shops in Italy (could have been more stuff on the shelfs I have to say), where the Corona got people shopping for food to last for weeks and weeks and cocooning in there homes without leaving until it’s safe to be out again without the Corona. I realized that if there would be a Corona pandemic, we are a bit safer if we have the kitchen totally full and the apartment / flat with long lasting food when it happens, cats food and everything we need to be safe for about a month or so, so we can just be in the flat for a while if we would want to. That’s what we have bee up to almost all day today. The Corona might be done soon anyway, but it feels a bit more thought through and it works for any occasion. It’s good to be prepared. Better safe than sorry.

Other than that, organizing the flat a bit and selling some stuff to get things a bit more clear out of the way. I really like the trends with the refurnish ideas, mostly since I like antiques sometimes, it’s very popular to recycle furnitures and stuff like that. I had some vintage doors from the 1920’s or something, I had thought to build something of them but I realized they were mostly standing in the way so clear some room was the project selling them. I like the modern trendy mixed a bit with antiques or a bit classic style. But then again I just like almost any style, especially if it’s thought through, like consistently through out a house or a flat. So I guess my taste is a bit flexible but it’s a differens of liking something because it’s bringing a nice feeling to get into a room, I think many styles can do that, although it’s something else than preferred to have in my home. Looking in the magazines for the trends that might get the top dollars real-estate wise for catching the feel of what appeals the market, I think the trends are great sometimes too, it can be really nice. So I like a lot of styles, kind of flexible, especially when it feels like wow coming into the room, but it ca be in various styles for me. I like to get inspired from luxurious hotels with interiors. Although that might differ a bit from how my home is set… Here, it’s a bit of a mix and match, It’s comfortable. I rarely bring people to my home, like very rare, so it’s just for us to be comfortable. I like it that way. It’s a bit of a safe cocoon feeling cuddled up with cosy pillows and blankets in the sofa watching about a month worth of saved tv-shows and just be comfortable for a while.


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