counting cars

Today I had a bit of work to do. I feel so happy when I have to rush and dash to be able to do my business, best thing for me. It’s like fuel, petrol, gas. Energy. Considering I had been up late, super late, night trying to write, I thought it was really good after all. So I boosted me with looking at my fav show. Superboosted and felt back on it, kind of, I made an excel leaflet counting chapters and words. To get a bit more organized, I woke up, cleared the kitchen (well needed), realized I really miss the maid, but I CAN do it. I can actually do it and it works out fine. Even though it’s a bit of wasting time, it’s fine. And it’s kind of nice being at home, it’s really nice. I’m used to being better out working to pay somebody else to do it. But I realized, I’d really like to be at home. Would I ever think downscaling would do ay good at all? So I figured counting words might do the trick and found a new feeling while letting all the cars drive by trying to avoid counting them when out working; it’s a special feeling to be feeling at home.


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