Dawn again

After some weeks trying to find more inspiration to write I forced myself out at work yesterday, and when I actually got started, it was great. So I felt a lot better after coming home after all that.

I been trying to focus more on writing and getting material towards that than most other tings to get the project I am writing set at sure and done. But I guess it’s most like a forever lasting turning wheel a bit, since it just continues forever. I enjoy that in a way also. It’s a great feeling when getting to that point where to actually be done with a project and start a new one. So in a way it’s like trying to capture a feeling or longing to do so, more than actually telling a story. If that make sense.

What is a bit tricky with this story is that it’s a bit located in a town I only seen so much of…. I had booked to stay there for the full December and January to be in town and get all te feelings and details right, I had to wait with staying there though and by then I had already started the story based in that city, so I just had to go with what I knew from being there when I was there and general reasearch. Although I have to say lesson learned with that, it would have been easier to travel there again or to change location maybe instead of just going by feel of it out of the blue. So I think I’ll choose locations that I have easier access to for upcoming projects or making sure it’s certain to get away to capture the feel of a city that I am writing about. But hopefully I spent enough time there and done enough research to make the story work out great anyway.

At the moment, it’s about really morning, like super dawn, like night almost, dawn, I like it being up this time of the day. One of the best dawns I had was a jetlag dawn, grabbing an Uber to the beaches. Seeing the sunrise starting to warm up all the sand, dolphins just out at sea at Santa Monica pier. It was amazing. Then, having a walk along the beach as far as we could. So that’s for sure a great thing to do if being jetlagged near a beach or in specific Los Angeles area. This has got to be kind of far from it at the moment though I have to say. But hopefully it works out anyway. Enjoy the day.


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