Getting there

All a bit up in the air at the moment I have to say, so many things that I have to clear out. The good thing is that I realized that I would officially be about half way through writing the new book, so the timeframe of making it ready to go, might work out. It’s a lot, so much, like unreal amounts of work with editing it though…. I have to say that might be more of work with editing and to make the story work, rather than writing the actual story. So anyhow, when realizing that I got a bit more energy to go for the weekend. A bit of a boost to get to that line where the book after actually starts, well it’s actually already started and continued since I started to write the book after, anyway it’s like a forever lasting wheel….

I am soooooo longing to get to Southend again, the best place for recharging and writing I think. It’s just so nice when finding a place where it feels so comfortable being and it’s even more exiting there after I have been writing about that specific town kind of a lot. So I had booked a get away there for the week coming, but I have to wait a bit longer…. until I can get away, might wait until the sumer starts actually it’s so nice there during the sumer, but until then, I try and post some pictures from when we were there last. Great memories from a great place by the sea. Southend.

the Thames estuary, a special feeling for sure


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