We were out for a drive today, daughter and I, we had lunch at IKEA dreaming away how to style the new house we aim to buy. And just now looking at my favorite tv shows getting inspiration for continued writing tonight. I think about half of the story is figured out and I’m trying to write it with layers going in to it afterwards as well to get all the story lines more clear. So hopefully that way it works out. We shall have to wait and see.

Had to drive by Nouvelle’s house, the main person in the story, has a house here in Stockholm, and it’s inspired by a real house that I love. It’s great views and up on top of a hill. I sometimes go there when I need to get into the story or think or just hang out, getting the characters to work right for me.

Nouvelle, by the way, is a person inspired from the era of art nouveau, it’s a twist of the word nouveau, that is turning masculine or feminine in the language with the meaning New in French. So that is where the name arrived to me. Love the art nouveau era and that house is I think about the 1930’ties era. So it’s modern antiques kind of. Where the new world in a way started and became modern society maybe. Anyway I should maybe post a signed book to the people owning that house at some point having a Thank you note for great inspiration you have a beautiful house.


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