Bowling for a Valentines

Valentines today. So nice to have this day, I think it brings more good to world. it really does make sense, and happy people, it should be more days like this. Love it. We had the cutest kitten that moved to his new home today, with the name ‘forever in Love’ so cute. Perfect name for a perfect kitten, for a perfect day. So at this point I guess perfect dreaming would be nice. Late night up working away with various projects. Just starting the night shift with writing, it’s the best thing to sit up late, ultra late, almost util dawn, at night, having a drink, write away and let the thought spin away. Good thing it’s weekend. Love it.

Other than that; drove a friend to the airport, it was such a nice day here in Stockholm so we went out for a drive around just to enjoy the day to the most. And looking for a bit of traveling, being a person who loves traveling, going to the airport is a great way to get a bit of the taste and feel for it. Great idea.

So yeah a perfect dream to set a really nice day, would do it well for me. Day Dreaming away at this point. Have to write.


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