We are having kind of an eventful week it seems this week, since we just got brand new kittens again, daughter is super happy, so am I. So our cats are really busy having a lot to do nowadays. Our super male cat, the man in the house, Hero, is so proud. Welcome to the world little cuties. They are all adorable. Great for them to have each other to grow up with and so much fun for all of us. Can just see the full house with kittens dangling in the curtains running wild in some weeks. Full of happiness.

Other than that managed to get a bit of work done, longing for some real effective writing days to get more of a flow throughout the story line in my new project, hopefully time comes our way soon, looking forward to that especially since I kind of have an idea coming strong to me for a story more out of the line from the trilogy that I am currently writing. So I am trying to make notes and set the ideas in sketch to keep it all in mind for when I have a chance to get that going. I am trying to hold on to the story I am writing to get that all set ready to go, rather than just writing many different projects at the same time, if that make sense, we just have to wait and see, I guess, but it seems the way to get things all the way kind of. But on the other hand I’d be happy to go with the feeling and just write away with what’s coming. I guess time is of the essence, am trying to make more of it obviously.

But for now we are just super happy to waste a bit of time with our cute little bundles of joy.


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