Be nice

The one thing that got me started writing ‘Loyalty for ever’ was a bit of a situation. In many ways I can relate to that situation being very similar to the situation I am in at the moment. Something pushed me a bit into a corner, and the outcome was me being kind of in a position where I had to do something, I am sure there is a meaning with it in the bigger picture, and that’s how I sometimes find myself, in a position where I have to do something rather than just let it flow. So maybe that’s where the roads are being mapped out for me leading me towards something. And it pushed me further away down the path, that now seems so obvious to be the right way to go. It was the start of something new. And it mattered to me. It made a difference to me, and it made me try to make a difference too. It’s been going on since, and while it’s been going on it’s been getting to points and terms with me during the way. And now, I am writing the follow up in the trilogy, it seems like the concepts are affecting me clearer again. All I thought about when I started to write it was, how would this city be if only being nice were an option? And it really came to me, how all things throughout in a society would be nicer if we only were kind. My idea was to bring the story into a better world. Maybe where being there for each other made sense and where being nice made a difference. I wanted to make somebody happy.

So that’s what I am currently trying to do, bring continuity in to the new era in the trilogy with that line. I can for sure say that my world in real life, would have been a lot different if kindness would have been more of a general lead, and it would have been a lot different if I had been writing about something else. So it did actually already make a difference; it made my world a better place.


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