Today I spent the day preparing for… I’ll tell you in a while sometime maybe, but a lot of my focus goes to this at the moment. So I had to close some chapters with both feelings of joy and I guess being a bit happy of myself and the person I am and decide to be. So as I am eager to fulfill commitments to the points, I can honestly say that I run my business correctly at all times. I am going to remember this period that I left behind with happiness in many ways, I learned a lot, I worked my absolut but off to make it work and it gave me confidence that I could do something good enough. So the day brought closure and a wish of being strong enough to build things up business wise again within other branches and industries. Hopefully the drive of making it work and the feeling it brings with making real own hardcore economy from your own creativity and ideas brings things our way again. It all started with the concept of creative economy a long time ago. And it has got to continue somehow.

So the feeling of closure is kind of great with all memories and pictures transforming into my world bringing me room for what’s new to come my way, so it seems like a bit of yesterdays news transforming into tomorrows headlines, being the same thing in a way, they just changed place to continue.


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