New Beginnings

Strange sometimes how everything make sense after a while, that’s where I am at, at the moment. Waiting for something to clarify to make sense. I am absolutely certain there is a meaning with everything, sometimes I really wonder thought and have to think a lot for things to make sense, but it usually comes around in some way after a while anyway.

This story I am currently writing seems to get to be made out of beginnings al way through. I think the whole manuscript as it stands is just a mix out of pieces that was thought to be the beginning. So it came to me in the way that an introduction was a beginning that turned into a new piece to start the story, that spun away a bit with the story to begin after the introduction was the beginning and so on and on. So as it stands, it’s a lot of beginnings. Oh girl, I thought to myself, how am I really doing this? And I have to say I still wonder but I let the story lead it self kind of ways.

So this beginning that I had written just today was a new idea that I had to build into the story that became a new layer mixed in with the beginning; I mean what to say?


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