Being me

Spent the day working all the day, seen a lot of flowers coming up for spring so that’s kind of a sign things are going the right direction. Looking forward to sumer coming, it’s been a while… We shall have to wait and see where it brings us this year. Last sumer was dedicated to Essex coastline. It would be nice with some form of boating holiday maybe. A lot in the bucket list for sure so we have to figure it out. It’s better to have it all set so when sumer comes it’s all booked and written in lists so it’s just to do it, I think. That’s my strategy to get things done anyway.

Other than that just earthly sures. Lot’s of should’s and undirected expectations at the moment and lots of various pressure, aaaaaaa, but sometimes ignoring things can really solve situations. So until I am sure of how I want things, I just have to ignore it since I am so uncertain of what to do until I figured it out, It kind of gets better like that, obviously… So that’s what I am doing.

Laying low just waiting for all this work to get me to places while working I guess. Sometimes it’s a hole or an opposite; like a pile of it.

I was wondering something about who I really am for a while when I was driving today. So funny, I thought,, since I really should have that figured out by now. The conclusion was kind of unexotic I guess, I am just me, being me.


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