perfect day

Trying to make every day matter and count so while wasting time sitting here trying to write, I am trying to work on myself a bit, getting to terms with myself and make me better and my world matter, hopefully helping someone on the way as well. I believe in perfect, and I aim for better ways all the time, maybe I am an upgrade searcher, but all I want to be is perfect in every aspect of my life. So I can be myself without ever wondering if I could have done something better, or could I have been clearer in my communication. And the good thing is there is a day one. I just do my best at all times and analyze the situations that occur to perfect my ways for coming ones. Being a better me. It was a New Years resolution many years ago but it started with just that, day one. It made me feel better about mistakes and made me stand above it and become a better me from experience.

Sometimes reality is cluttering the space around me. Like people or news or society in general. That’s great, but sometimes I need to get that out of my way to have a clear road in front of me. Clear signals. So that’s maybe when solutions to random shit comes in the way of being more prioritized than me and my inner circles well beings, what matters the most? I ask myself, and that’s maybe when I realize I should have spent the time wiser with working on myself to handle those situations as a better me.

So at the moment I just need a perfect day, with music, (Duran Duran -perfect day might work) outsounding the general BS to feel as a better being.

Happy memories to bring the feeling back super girl makes me happy
Sunglasses might work, usually works for everything
Funny pictures should work
Still need a solution…. this might make me feel better


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