The weekend started great with a lot to do. The cat just had kittens about a week ago, my daughter is so happy, and we went to the stables Friday evening to get the weekend started. So it’s a happy girl getting names for all the kittens 🙂

Today we are just hanging out arranging my daughters room getting things to the recycle centre and packing clothes and stuff to charity making more room for new ones while sneak peaking at the kittens. So we are having a happy weekend. Also to go for the weekend is a bit of work and continue to write a letter to a friend. How amazing it can be to actually write letters, it’s a great feeling, we are so used to all this digital world with all emails and technology (that I also like) but sometimes it’s a good feeling with real things, like an ‘antique’ style letter. So hopefully that enlightens the day when it’s getting there.

Other than that recharging myself is on top of the list, doing a half detox cure, waiting for spring with a bit more energy to come hopefully and keeping a look out at the housing markets dreaming away with how I want to build the house I have in mind, and wondering how Brexit will affect our reality. I guess riding it out is our strategy, wait and see. Since we have been spending a decent amount of time in England we are trying to be updated about the situation and remain cool calm and collected about it. I guess it all clears out in a while anyway.

So the conclusion have to be; it’s so nice with weekends.

Muuuuuum it’s my dream horse can I pleeeeeeease have it


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