Wasting time

Seems like my super thing to do at the moment is letting time fly. Have to say cleaning the flat / apartment definitely ticks in for that box. While waiting for better things to happen I sometimes wonder; is wasting time really possible? I mean if everything has a meaning this waiting is meant for a function, preparing you for something, smoothing the way, building up to something that looking forward to happen…. So it all make sense anyway right. I find inspiration, I am trying to build solid stories and lines in my writings, so it all comes towards something, it sometimes is a process of breathing in to be able to breath out.

I am trying to pack the flat wisely since I decided to get a writers den. So while saving up for getting away and actually do it, I organized the flat to make sure it happens.

So waiting for spring to come again while doing all that and dreaming away and trying to fit a bit of more room in for writing. (Am so stuck in the story by the way, so it’s probably a week of work to just get the story going in a straight line at the moment) ( kind of a project). But doable especially in a writers den. Looking forward to be on the road with that.

So while waiting for something, undefined what, to happen, I am so looking forward to see spring again, makes me happy just by the thought of it


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