About time

Yesterday I went for a bit of a walk out at the islands of Stockholm it’s so beautiful at anytime I think. So while leaping in the most of sunlight possible during the day I noticed the days are noticeable longer now, so that’s a sign for springtime coming our way soon maybe. And today I even saw the first set of spring flowers, very nice.

While doing all these earthly normal things I been thinking about how to progress towards my goals and what obvious goals there may be. I feel a little torn with time for writing at the moment since I have a lot to do with just earthy shores and in need of re-writing my manuscript and translate it to English and that’s a big thing for me, aswell as continue the story with the second part of the trilogy that I really look forward to get the story going for the sisters. So I need to figure out how to balance that to get things done as well.

So it’s a lot about time at the moment I guess, thoughts about time, stories about time, and the time to realize that the clock is set and maybe it’s just lessons learned or just a major realization to wake up to, but time flies and sometimes it really is relevant to our presence and sometimes I wonder where it’s been.


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