Writers den

After been sitting in the flat, in random hotels, in the car, in restaurants, in cafés, standing, sitting, walking, almost dancing, with a view, just screen magnetized, I think you get it; a writers den would be nice. I spent a lot of time sitting in my walk in closet writing and that kind of worked as a den since it was a good room with sound absorbing materials and a bit tucked away from ordinary stuff, so I liked that. Hotels are great to get things done as well, I seem to write and be more creative when traveling. And traveling in general seem to boost my writings a bit. The sofa is good but a bit of distractions around. So the conclusion is that I am thinking about getting a writers den. It would be amazing. Or maybe an artistic creative space for all things that we like to do. Kind of a clear space to upgrade the projects and be more serious about things maybe. Have to think it through a bit more though.

Until I figured it out and until then, I am trying to make things work out here in Sweden and looking forward to see where it brings us.


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