Waste of time

Sometimes night time seem so much easier to get through. I love driving at night, being here in Sweden this has got to be great place to be with nighttime driving since the nighttime kind of starts at four a clock in the afternoon. It’s also a lot of great tv shows at night so that’sreally good too and it’s also a great time to snooze mode into writing something smart I guess….

Spent the day waiting to get inspired enough to clean the flat, wasting time I guess but I have to say it was well needed recharging in the sofa watching tv to figure out what to write about and being updated with the worldly matters.

Other than that happy enough to see things för what they are and sometimes it’s a waste to just let things roll further depending on direction. So to chuck things in the bin can maybe sometimes be very revealing rather than hard work with just clean results at the end of the day, I guess.

At the moment I just need a perfect dream to go with this evening to feel a bit more like it’s forever lasting


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