What differens great music can do. Have spent the evening organizing the flat with great music, getting so much done. Just at the moment with music going sitting down to getting the story a bit closer to the end. Feeling great. Found a band that I used to listen to years and years ago and that returned right to my playlist. So good.

I love music, all sorts of music I have to say, being somebody that used to write a lot of my own music with guitar and piano to go, I guess that make sense to love music. So without set genres I am most happy. I like the rock scene maybe a lot more some years ago, but I am comfortable with all kinds of music, even opera that I would really like to explore the grounds a bit more, even started an Italian for beginners to figure out what they sing about. So yeah I guess I am a keen music person.

Other than that making more room in the flat /apartment is the project. Being in Stockholm square footage is kind of amazing to have so I am trying to make the most of it.

So am looking forward to a new week starting, with a lot to do, hopefully some progress with my manuscript after all people might be back from Hollidays this week. I saw pictures of tree blossoms in Stockholm city today, unreal, so I have to go see that I think and get some pics of that. In the meantime, Peace and enjoy the week coming.


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