Today I spent the day recycling garbage, meeting a friend at the airport and school started again after the Hollidays for my daughter, so driving there and picking her up. So I had some spare time to go sit at a cafe and get my new story a bit more organized.

So been kind of busy all day and just sat down to think things through a bit more in the evening whilst waiting to watch my favorite tv shows. I love the renovating houses and buy property shows and I also enjoy the conspiracy shows and Ancient Aliens and projekt blue book and shows like that. Some people think it’s a waste of time watching tv, I think it’s regenerating and reflecting getting inspiration. Waste of time is maybe more to go to the recycling centre…. I just want to make stuff out of all the garbage, it’s just so much matter going to waste.

So whilst wasting matter sometimes gets in the way of our daily business I just have to think how it would be with a little village just built out of waste materials found at the recycle centre.


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